Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Edge of Darkness

Medium : English
Starring : Mel Gibson, Danny Huston
Director : Martin Campbell

Mel Gibson, the director of notable movies like 'The Passion of the Christ', 'Apocalypto' etc is
back to his acting career. His new project titled 'Edge of Darkness', is directed by Martin Campbell, who gave James Bond movies like 'Golden Eye' and 'Casino Royale', 'The Mask of Zorro' etc. This is a family-action subject that discusses the father's revenge when he lost his only daughter.

Thomas (Mel Gibson) is a police detective who lives alone. His daughter, Emma is visiting him after a long gap. She is being shot dead at the house, in front of his father. The investigative agency and Thomas himself thought that he was the target and his daughter might be an innocent victim. Later when a pistol is found from his daughter's bag, he smelled something unusual. He met the owner of the pistol, who in turn is Emma's boy friend. The young man was hiding something and Thomas decided to conduct his own investigation which ended in the company Northmoor, where his daughter worked. Emma finds that the functioning of the firm is not straight and clear and some fraud things were happening in its back ground. She wants to expose it to the world, which might have ended in her death. Who are all behind it and how Thomas takes the revenge is shown in the later portions of 'Edge of Darkness'.

Mel Gibson did well in the lead role. He is good as an old father who is prepared to destroy
those who had killed his daughter. The combination scenes between the father and daughter is good, thought it is not lengthy. There is no much suspense here as expected and the anti climax scene is also a straight one. Such a revenge subject needs more action sequences than dialogues (at least to attract more viewers here). But the director had made me shocked a couple of times, by showing some fast and unexpected incidents. The cinematography is simple and good.

It is good to see that even in the absence of the central character, the revenge episode is happening. It ultimately tells us that 'subject' is the real hero, not the 'star' acted in it; a lesson for our creators to be learned...

'Edge of Darkness' is a revenge story without much hard core action sequences as expected. A die hard follower of English movies can watch this one.

Rating : 7 / 10

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