Thursday, July 29, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Revathi, KPAC Lalitha, Swetha Menon, Vishnupriya, Lal, Nedumudi Venu, Kailash
Director : V.M.Vinu

Music : M.G.Sreekumar, Rajamani (bg score)

'We are not getting any heroine oriented movies...' this is the complaint
that we are repeatedly hearing over the years. V.M.Vinu, the director of family movies with script writer T.A.Razaq has come up with a new project. It can be a solution for the above issue, at least in the title. 'Pennpattanam', as the name suggests, it is a female oriented subject discussing the story of 'kudumbasree' workers. The director is notable for giving family oriented subjects like 'Makanta Achan', 'Yes Your Honour', 'Vesham', 'Balettan', 'Bus Conductor' etc. Writer-director Ranjith has got the credit of the story here. T.A.Razaq, who gave award winning subject like 'Kaanakkinavu', has not got a hit in the recent past (his recent works being 'Parunthu' and 'Maya Bazaar' by Mammootty). M.G.Sreekumar is the music director, Varnachithra Subair, who gave movies like 'Paleri Manikyam', 'Thirakkadha', 'Manassinakkare', 'Pattalam' and 'Meesamadhavan', has produced 'Pennpattanam'.

Revathi, KPA
C Lalitha, Swetha Menon and Vishnupriya does the role of 'kudumbasree' workers. All of them are having their own family problems. The first lady is a widow having two children, the old lady has to face issues made by her unemployed son, Swetha's husband (Sadhiq) is not well and undergoing bed rest since long time, the younger one wants to marry her lover (Kailash), with the blessings of the relatives. One day, while cleaning the garbage, they got a packet containing bulk amount of money. After a round of discussion, they decided to divide it among themselves, which lead to certain incidents that has changed their life, the story of 'Pennpattanam' thus goes on.

The director and the script writer, with the experience in dealing the family subjects, did the movie in the best way they can. What happens when an enormous amount of money is obtained in the hands of a few ladies has been shown here. The functioning of the police, politicians, finance companies and their influence on the society has also been told here. The revenge episode has got resemblance with Kamalhassan movie 'Makaliyar Mattum', where Revathi was also a participant. Revathi, KPAC Lalitha, Swetha Menon and Vishnupriya have done their roles well. The questioning episodes and the frustration of the police has been expressed neatly by Lal. Nedumudi Venu, in the financier role is like a guage between serious and funny type of character.

Kailash doesn't have much to perform, he borrowed Harishanth's voice for his act. He is not confident in the song sequence, choreographer Rekha is also the culprit for this. The scenes involving the identification of dead body, the 'professional' acrobatic type fighting style inside the jail, the advocate leading the rally, the four ladies suspiciously gathered inside the police station compound, a few sequences like putting cotton inside nose by everybody in the song etc should have avoided or done more convincingly. The scenes involving the problems faced by the workers in their day-to-day life on road has not been quoted any where in the movie. M.G.Sreekumar gave a catchy duet 'Nee Entethallee...' and bg score by Rajamani is ok. Sanjeev Shankar is the cinematographer.

In these days, where 'mega' movies are even made to maintain stardom and satisfy the fans, different attempts for small budget projects like 'Pennpattanam' should not be avoided; but don't go for it expecting it to be an ultimate entertainment.

Rating : 6 / 10

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