Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Khatta Meetha

Medium : Hindi
Starring : Akshay Kumar, Trisha, Rajpal Yadav, Kulbushan Kharbhanda, Milind Gunaji, Manoj Joshi

Director : Priyadarshan
Music : Pritam, Ouseppachan (bg score)

Notable director Priyadarshan is still enjoying his reign in bollywood through remake subjects. After the remake of a foreign classic ('Bumm Bumm Bo
le'), he has borrowed a project from malayalam. This time the chance is for his own hit movie, 'Vellanakalude Naadu', written by Srinivasan. The director's favorite star Akshay Kumar, once again tries to make fit in an ordinary role, done brilliantly by Mohanlal, almost 22 years back. South indian actress Trisha make her debut in hindi through 'Khatta Meetha'. It should be noted that she came to the movie field from the modeling area through Priyadarshan's tamil project named 'Leysa Leysa' (remake of malayalam hit 'Summer In Bethlehem'). V.Manikandan, who worked with the director in 'Billu' is the cinematographer. As usual, Arun Kumar is the editor. Director's favourite music director Pritam has composed the songs. Like 'Bumm Bumm Bole', Ouseppachan is in charge of the re-recording section.

Sachin Tichkule (Akshay Kumar) is a struggling pwd contractor. As he is not earning much money, he is taking debts from many peoples and his parents (Kulbushan Kharbhanda and Aruna Irani) are angry and sad about this attitude. His brother-in-laws (Milind Gunaji and Manoj Joshi) are corrupted guys, they have joined hands with the political leader for the illegal activities. They are spending lot of money and even commit a murder to save themselves from a bridge collapse case that killed many innocent villagers. Gehna (Trisha) is joined as the municipal commissioner. Through a flash back, the relationship between Sachin and Gehna is revealed. She is surprised to see the contrasting character of Sachin now. The lack of stability in the relationship between the M.C and the contractor happens in the following days. At this time, Sachin's sister is being married to a political leader. Whether Sachin is able to get success in his current job is shown in the later portions of 'Khatta Meetha'.

To compare the classical satire 'Vellanakalude Naadu' with 'Khatta Meetha', will be a stupidity. Other than copying all the scenes, director has included the lengthy comedy scene inside palace from malayalam movie 'Friends', the scene involving Pappu and James from his own project 'Midhunam' with an addition of three songs (most of them in un wanted situations). The road roller scene, which was the highlight of the original version has not done here in the best way. The visual 'effects' done for the elephant, over acting of Johny Lever, the way in which road roller comes back etc are not realistic and won't be good enough to make us laugh. The continuity is also missing as the particular house is shown without any damage later. The comedy scene with phones involving Asrani, looks like a deliberate one.

We can't expect more from an action hero like Akshay Kumar in this odd role. Trisha doesn't look confident enough to do the matured role of a government servant. Rajpal Yadav, Kulbushan Kharbhanda and Manoj Joshi have done well. The role of Makrand Deshpande (in place of Sreenivasan) is not not neatly portrayed and thus the character has got some negative shades also. Songs by Pritam are not good enough to be remembered. The director has tried to add some dialogues involving the corruption of the system and the necessity of the national integrity. V.Manikandan's camera work is colorful, but how ever the lack of detailing of the road work shots for such a theme, is a draw back. Ouseppachan's bg core is good. The action sequence towards the end is done neatly.

With each and every shots of the original version still in my mind, it is difficult to recommend for 'Khatta Meetha'...

Rating : 5 / 10

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