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Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Jayasurya, Sidhiq, Saikumar, Sudheesh, Bijukkuttan, Mythili
Director : Aji John
Music : Mohan Sitara, Saanand George (bg score)

To do a character with a shaven head is treated as unusual and lucky phenomena for any artist irrespective of the language. Mammootty in 'Yathra', Thilakan and Manoj.K.Jayan in 'Perunthachan', Dileep in 'Mulla', Sharath Kumar in 'Sooryan', Charan Raaj in 'Gentleman', Kamalhassan in 'Aalavandhan', Soorya and Amir Khan in 'Ghajini' versions etc are some of the examples. No need to analyze the commercial successes of all the above projects, but it is a fact that all those appearances were having a strong motive or purpose defined in the role. The reason for discussing such a thing is just because of the rising star Jayasurya, who also got a bald appearance in his latest movie titled 'Nallavan', but on the contrast he comes in such a look which is very irrelevant, only to participate in a one to one action sequence in the climax and that too for a duration less than 5 minutes.

The problems happened between different organizations in the cine industry has delayed the release of 'Nallavan'. It is directed by debutant Aji John. He was working as an editor-director in the mini screen. Like Saji Surendran ('Ivar Vivahitharaayal', 'Happy Husbands' fame), he has also decided to start his filmi-career through Jayasurya. Mydhili ('Paleri Manikyam' fame) is the heroine. Saanand George, a busy re-recordist in the mini screen, enters the cine industry by giving bg score for this movie. It is produced and distributed by Anil Mathew and Murugan, who had given a super hit project, 'Puthiya mukham' before. Ajith Nambiar has written the script. The pre-production stills of 'Nallavan' was done in a big way and it caught attention very much.

The story starts by showing Kocherukkan (Jayasurya), running from the police custody. Kochu is now having the record of four jail breaks so far. In the flashback, Kochu and Malli (Mythili) are shown as orphans. Malli lives in the house of a village land lord (Saikumar) as a helper. Her love for Kochu is being objected by the latter and the rich man decided to arrange her marriage with his relative (Suraaj Venjarammood). Thus both of them ran each other. On the way they were defended by the police inspector (Sidhiq), but he can't catch them. They reaches a far away place, where Kochu's friend (Sudheesh) lives. When they went to the register office, it was found that the girl is only 17, thus as per request from the sub-registrar (Kochu Preman), they decided to wait for an year.

Next year, on the marriage day, Kochu is caught by the police inspector. He took revenge by putting false charges against him and produced him in the court. He escaped from there and reaches his lover, marriage happens and Kochu is again caught. Malli is killed later, flash back over and now the hero takes kills the police inspector, who is the real culprit, through a fight. In the final shot, hero is shown running with the heroine, it means he is dead (?). So majority of the incidents are not registered well.

Kochu is shown as a 20 year old guy. It is not apt for Jayasurya's appearance, hence to enhance it, he has given a childish performance, which felt irresistible most of the time. There is chance for Mythili to be type casted; her character ends almost similar as in the case of 'Paleri Manikyam'. She is over acting, Sreeja's dubbing is dominated over her performance. The jail breaking episodes are not shown convincingly, it is shown as if like a tooth brushing experience for the hero. The connection link between the flash back and the current period is lost at a certain point of time. The story (by director) itself is not the good one, the scripting by Ajith Nambiar also made the situation worse. The landlord is shown as a villain and the relevance of his character being killed by a criminal with the support of his relative (Vijayakumar) and the police inspector is not known. Suraaj Venjarammood is placed in a couple of scenes for generating comedy, but the situations happening there can make you cry.

Hero's friend shown in a song can be accepted, but the placement of the latter's mother (Bindu Paniker) in it as a dancer is unprofessional. Choreography by Kala is not attractive. Songs by Mohan Sitara is very poor and the voice of the new singers felt very amateurish also. Appearance of Sidhiq is good, but Saikumar's hair style is not a stable one. Bg score by Saanand George goes with the mood well. Cinematography by Manoj Pillai and Pradeep Nair is ok. Samjith ('Red Chillies', 'Puthiya Mukham' fame) is the editor.

An young actor like Jayasurya, with an experience of around 45 movies in a span of 10 years should analyze his project and read the script well before doing movies like 'Nallavan'. The title character won't be easily accepted even if he is going for different style appearances and doing adventures like 'shaving' the head etc...all those things became unnecessary in the end...

Rating : 2.5 / 10 (revised)

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