Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kutty Sraank

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mammootty, Sidhiq, Saikumar, Suresh Krishna, Kamalini Mukherjee, Padmapriya, Meena Kumari

Director : Shaji.N.Karun
Music : Issac Thomas Kottukappally

Shaji.N.Karun, cinematographer turned director through movies like 'Piravi', 'Swam', 'Vaanaprastham' and 'AKG', has come up with his new project titled 'Kutty Sraank'. The project was in the news due to a certain factors, not only because of megastar Mammootty who did the title role, this is the first venture in malayalam for the mega banner Reliance Pictures as the producers and distributors, more over it has got a woman as the cinematographer named Anjali Shukla. The director had raised criticism against the state jury for not selecting this movie for any awards or to the panorama section. Telugu actress Kalmalini Mukherjee ('Vettayadu Vilayadu' fame) and Sri Lankan actress Meena Kumari did the female leads along with Padmapriya in 'Kutty Sraank'. Issac Thomas Kottukappally, the music director of movies like 'Thaniye', 'Kadhavaseshan', 'Oridam', 'Swam' etc has been given the charge of the music section.

The story happening in the olden days, by showing the investigation done by the police officer (Sreekumar) regarding the dead body of Kutty Sraank. Revamma (Padmapriya), a buddhist lady reached there and told about her relationship with Kutty Sraank (Mammootty). He was a loyal servant to her rich father in North Malabar. She doesn't liked Kutty Sraank as he supported the cruel behaviors of her father. Then came the next lady Pemanna (Kamalini Mukherjee) to identify the body. She gave the memories of Sraank who played an important role in the musical drama (Chavittu Naadakam) done by her brother (Suresh Krishna). The last one to reach infront of the police was Kaali (Meena Kumari), a dump lady, who claims that Kutty Sraank is the father of her yet-to-be-born baby. Being in a lower caste, she is being cornered by the villagers and how Kutty Sraank saved her from the land lord (Saikumar) and his bad companions.

The presentation of the movie by Shaji.N.Karun for script by P.F.Mathews is too dull and not straight. The characterization of the title role is not defined neatly and the end happening to him is also not shown. It is evident clearly in the first two stories where Kutty Sraank is shown as a servant and the drama artist. The happenings in those episodes are incomplete. The relationship between the ladies and Kutty Sraank in
those areas are not shown in a believable way. Only thing common in three stories is the attitude in showing loyalty by Kutty Sraank towards his masters. The necessity of 'chavittu naadakam' sequences and the role of three people in white dress traveling by the side when some bad incidents happens, are not known.

Though Mamm
ootty did good, the lead role is not a strong one and it doesn't suits him well. Among the three, Meena Kumari has got more importance here, may be because she is shown deeply attached to the hero role. Sidhiq, Saikumar and Suresh Krishna (in a different appearance) did well. The lady who did the writer's role and her assumptions has got a realistic look. Issac Thomas Kottukappally gave an excellent bg score, the song composed for the drama is also an apt one. Camera woman Anjali Shukla gave colorful visuals.

'Kutty Sraank' has got many loop holes in its execution side, hence it is not a promotable one.

Rating : 4 / 10

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