Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sakudumbam Shyamala

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Urvashi, Bhama, Kunjakko Boban, Saikumar, Nedumudi Venu
Director : Radhakrishnan Mangalath

Music : M.G.Sreekumar, Mohan Sitara (bg score)

After Saji Surendran ('Ivar Vivahitharayal', 'Happy Husbands' fame) and Aji John ('Nallavan' fame), next director to start his journey from mini screen towards the big screen is Radhakrishnan Mangalath. He is notable as the director of some hit comedy television serials. Now he has started his movie journey, casting senior actress Urvashi in the title role in a family-comedy subject titled 'Sakudumbam Shyamala'. Urvashi has acted in a lead role in 'Mummy and Me' and it is a hit among the family audiences these days. Krishna Poojappura, who worked with the director for his mini screen projects, has given two successive hit movies for Saji; he has written the script here. Jibu Jacob is the cinematographer and M.G.Sreekumar is the music director.

Shyamala (Urvashi), who lives with his husband (Saikumar) and son Aakash (Kunjakko Boban), is having an ambition to send his son to US, for making money. She is always quarelling with her neighbour (Nedumudi Venu). He happens to be her brother and also the district collector. Vandana (Bhama), daughter of an honest politician (Balachandran Chullikkad), is working in a tv channel where Aakash also works. As per request from a local political leader Pappan (Suraaj venjarammood), Shyamala decided to contest elections, for publicity. She becomes an MLA and revenue minister soon. She acted on the district collector in public and thus taking revenge on him. She seeks alliance from rich families for his son demanding crores as dowry. One day, Aakash told Shyamala about his decision to marry Vandana. His father supported them, but it caused a break in relationship between Shyamala and rest of family members.

The presentation of the movie is very much similar to a television serial, as there are many un realistic situations created one after another to generate comedy. The quarreling between Shyamala and her neighbor near the boundary wall, Shyamala standing in front of the car with the broom, the scene in which the collector make fun of his junior staff, the way in which Shyamala comes in the tv visuals and later becoming the minister, the foolish question raised here questioning the superiority of minister and district collector etc are some among them. Though Krishna Poojappura has tried to raise few comedy sequences, the weakness in the scripting side pulled him back in achieving the target. Music director M.G.Sreekumar has given a different romantic number for Yesudas. Background score by Mohan Sitara is too fast and noisy. The group song featuring two families, done in a studio with chroma shots, is an unwanted one and does not have the professional look. The scenes towards the climax goes too fast, as if to complete the whole proceedings soon.

Urvashi is active in the title role given to her. Nedumudi Venu's character demands no seriousness in the collector's role and he has done accordingly. Saikumar has done well in the ordinary role here. Kunjakko Boban and Bhama doesn't have much to perform. Suraaj Venjarammood, as the political leader, is a relief, but he is not in the best form. Jagadeesh, who comes in the PA role, has given yet another version of his over acting.

Radhakrishnan Mangalath and Krishna Poojappura might have successfully created comedy atmosphere in mini screen, but when they come to the movie arena, they are not supposed to repeat the same treatment for getting success...

'Sakudumbam Shyamala' is a family comedy movie targeting the true lovers of television serials...

Rating : 4.5 / 10

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