Friday, July 30, 2010

Raama Raavanan

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Suresh Gopi, Nedumudi Venu, Biju Menon, Mithra Kurian, Lena
Director : Biju Vattappaara

Music : Kaithapram, Mohan Sitara (bg score)

Biju Vattaappara, who came from mini scree field, had written script for movies like 'Lokanathan IAS', 'Kalabham' also; he has become a director now. The title of his debutant project is an interesting one, 'Raama Raavanan'. He has written the script, based on the story 'Manomi' by Madhavikkutty. Suresh Gopi and Mithra Kurian ('Gulumaal', 'Body Guard' fame) comes in the lead roles. 'Terrorist', 'Kannathil Muthamittaal', 'Rameswaram' etc are some of the tamil movies that has discussed the issues happened in Srilanka in the past; now the theme of 'Raama Raavanan' is also related to that issue.

The story starts as Thiruchelvam (Suresh Gopi), reaches the village on a mission. He is given a safe hide out by his supporters (Baburaj, Lena). Manomi (Mithra Kurian) meets Thiru, being attracted towards his poetic works, she loves him. Though her uncle (Nedumudi Venu) opposed it in the beginning, he decided to give green signal for their marriage. But Tiru was not willing to accept her, saying that he is having his own goals. Manomi left the house later feeling bad of her loneliness. The police officer (Biju Menon),
who is in charge of the investigation, searches for Thiru. Whether he is able to catch the culprit is told in the later portions.

The lack of a good story and the scripting is evident from the beginning scene itself. The un profession
alism in the direction area is evident from the opening bombing scene. To convince that it happened in Srilanka, the director have added the visuals of a bus in Lanka; immediately in the next shot where hero traveling in a bus is shown, it gave us a wrong assumption that both buses and places are the same. The board of the bus is later shown as Palakkad-Madhurai, the director had made fool of himself by showing such such an ordinary private bus shuttling between these two places. The only comedy scene, at the tea stall featuring Kochu Peman and Narayanakutty, is very below standard.

The hero is shown as a rough guy with principles, but his motive, the past or the mission itself i
s left unknown till end. The continuity is affected in many areas. When heroine's uncle character tells the flashback, in the middle the hero is also shown, which led to the confusion whether that is past or the present scenario. The way in which Manomi meets the stranger who has got blood stains in his body and later helps him by giving food, all felt unrealistic. The blind character done by Sudheesh (his expression is good), playing flute on some occasions felt an over doze. Manomi, reaching the house of Thiru's mother and stays with her is a cinematic coincidence. Every time, police coming in four cars one after another, should have been avoided.

A couple of songs were not needed, most of them were not even having the required vi
suals. The female solo song has been made vulgar by unnecessarily putting group dancers (choreography Santhi). Songs by Kaithapram are not the best. The bg score by Mohan Sitara reminds the tunes by Ilayaraja (from 'How To Name It' album), M.Jayachandran (from 'Mahasamudram') and also many portions his own movies. Cinematographer is Jibu Jacob and the editor is Samjith (he should be noted that continuity between scenes has been affected in some areas). The place where story happening is not mentioned clearly and the climax is not a stable one. I wonder how can the creators tell the story of issues based in another country without giving any visuals from that place.

Though 'Raama Raavanan' tried to discuss a big issue, the lack of good ingredients and a neat execution, resulted the mission in a failure.

Rating : 3 / 10

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