Monday, July 12, 2010

Knight and Day

Medium : English
Starring : Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz
Director : James Mangold

Though hollywood star Tom Cruise came to the acting arena in the beginning 80's through movies like 'Top Gun', 'A Few Good Men' etc it was the hit movie, 'Mission Impossible' which happ
ened in the mid 90's that made him widely notable. He has done two more sequels for 'MI' and in the epic subject, 'The Last Samurai' he has got a different appearance. Anyway years before, Tom Cruise has become yet another hero in the country where English projects can be marketed under his label. His latest movie 'Knight and Day' has got Cameron Diaz as the heroine. She has done big movies like 'The Mask', 'Charlies Angels', 'My Best Friends Wedding' etc. She gave the voice for the princess role in the 3d animation hit series 'Shrek'. It is directed by James Mangold, the creator of Psycho thriller 'Identity'.

Two strangers, Roy (Tom Cruise) and June (Cameron Diaz) met at the airport, while travelling to Boston. Roy, the secret agent is being followed by certain group, as June is seen talking with him, they assumes th
at both are companions. She was on the way to attend her sister's wedding. Roy saves her from the gang and left her in a safer place. Due to certain circumstances, both of them meet again. Now only she is aware that some gang is following her. June is having a deep affection towards Roy due to his caring attitude. He reveals the secret that he is having a powerful battery and the group want to grab it from him. Now both of them escaped to a safe hide outs in an island. They have to leave that area since as they were located. At this time, the CIA officers contacted her and gave the real truth behind Roy and they wants her to surrender. She agrees and they have surrounded Roy. What happens to the clever hero, how he takes revenge on the real culprits is told in the later portions of 'Knight and Day'.

The story of the movie is not new, we have seen similar situations many times in hollywood before. The 'Bourne Identitly' series and some James Bond movies are few examples. T
he hero belongs to a certain organization, the villains and his colleagues are chasing him for getting some valuable information or to collect certain things. Here it comes in the form of battery. The incidents here are happening in different parts of the globe like Boston, Austria, Germany, Spain, Mexico etc. The hero escapes from different places with the heroine and reaches a far away destination with in a flash, which can be called as 'cinematic'. In such an action subject no use in questioning such things. As every hollywood hero, Roy drives a car, a racing bike and at the most an air craft also. In few areas, the chroma shots are evident.

Tom Cruise and C
ameron Diaz did well in their roles. The combination scenes between them are good as they are having a mix of action and comedy. The chasing scenes are done well, especially the bull chase in Spain. The cinematography and the bg sore are another area that needs special mention.

I am extremely happy to watch an English movie with subtitle in theaters, the first of this kind happened in my life, hope a few others who were in the hall also experienced the same thrill...

'Knight and Day' is an action-comedy thriller by Tom Cruise with a theme discussed several times before. Even then you can watch it as a time pass.

Rating : 7 / 10

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