Friday, August 27, 2010

3 Char Sau Beas

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Govindankutty, Rahul Menon, Anu Anandhan, Deepan, Kalabhavan Mani, Jagathy, Dhanya Mary

Director : Govindankutty

Music : Jassie Gift, Vinu Thomas (bg score)

Usually we are hearing complaints that no new technicians are coming to the field and thus the movie industry is ruled by mostly experienced hands only. But, we can't blindly support such an allegation. The reason is simple. The majority of the new writer-directors are not coming with a stable product, hence the producers can't support them as there is no minimum guarantee in most of their projects. The main problem is that due to those 'unwanted' elements, the arrival of some real talents to the industry will also be blocked.

I have planned to watch the new malayalam movie '3 Char Sau Beas' only due to the reason that it is scripted and directed by a new comer Govindankutty. He is familiar as the compere of a talk show in mini screen. He and other two new faces had acted in lead roles in this movie. As the name and the tag line (there is a thief in every one) suggests, this is the story of three friends who spends their life, doing thefts. Three engineering students Selvan, Rahul and Zulfi (Govindankutty, Rahul Menon, Anu Anandhan) are doing ATM and locker robberies for earning money for their studies. The police commissioner (director Deepan, 'Puthiya Mukham' fame) is investigating the case. They are planning a big robbery in a rich man's (Salim Kumar) house. When they reached there, they found him dead. They escaped to Selvan's native, a village of thieves. His father (Kalabhavan Mani), who is also a thief, always wanted to make his son educated and not to be involved in any illegal business. When he heard the real situation of Selvan, he is shocked and they all returns to city to find the real culprits behind the murder.

The lengthy opening scene (with titles) in which the thief is chased by a foolish police officer (Suraaj Venjarammood) is a boring one, the performance of extra artists being horrible. The scenes featuring drunken Dharmajan at workshop, the friends becoming angry towards the three men gang at college, the performance of Atlas Ramachandran as college chairman, the robbery done by bomb blasting, the wake up session of the friends and their activities at home, piano room at college, the web cam controlling and its after effects etc etc are the areas which may be helpful to lose your temper. The reason told by the friends for robbery is a childish and an unacceptable funny thing.

The graphics done on screen, for the bike and for few words in song, are not understood. The song at college and the one featuring Jagathi and others will be helpful to make the environment more and more polluted.
The song featuring father and baby is an unwanted one, the repeat lady voice of the same will only be helpful to ran way from the theater. The make up of Kalabhavan Mani (in flashback) and Kannan Pattambi is not having a serious look. The sudden costume change with 'Dhoom' theme in bg, with one of the members in female dress is dreadful. The actions of the IPS officer felt dramatic. The only comic situation (featuring Kalabhavan Mani and his brother) in security dress, comes at an unwanted time towards the end, by that time you will be reached at a 'peak' stage where you won't be able to show any emotions. This is one such movie that is having a bulk number of double meaning dialogues and situations that needs to be censored.

The performance of Govindankutty is amateur and in some occasions he is looking at the camera also. Songs by Jassie Gift are not good. Vinu Thomas gave a heavy bg score. Editor Don Max tried to helped the new director with his cuts, but it all went useless. Bejoys ('Sidharatha' fame) is the cinematographer.

While tamil-hindi industries are creating waves by making some prominent projects, we are 'glorified' with worse and hopeless movies like '3 Char Sau Beas'. I can't believe, how such a creativity comes from a person who was in charge of the movie talk show for years !!!

Rating : 1 / 10

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