Thursday, August 26, 2010

Paattinte Paalaazhi

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Meera Jasmin, Revathi, Manoj K.Jayan, Krishnakumar, Balabhaskar
Director : Rajiv Anchal
Music : Suresh Manimala, Balabhaskar (bg score)

The months o
f August-September, were considered as a festival season for the movie industry also; but in the recent past, such an attitude has changed and there is no chance for big / notable malayalam projects released during this period. The distributors are doing this, as the collection in the malabar area at this time will be minimum due to the Ramzan season. Anyway, this has helped the arrival of some small projects like 'Paattinte Paalaazhi'.

The only thing that attracted me to watch this movie is the director's name. He is Rajiv Anchal, an art director turned director, who gave movies like 'Butterflies', 'Kashmeeram', 'Guru', 'Pilots', 'Made In USA' etc. This is a heroine oriented music
al subject with Meera Jasmin coming in the lead role. Debutant Suresh Manimala is the music director for ONV's lyrics. Balabhaskar has given the background score. Dr.Rajendra Babu, who had written movies like 'Sphadikam' and 'Yuvathurkki', is the script writer.

Veena (Meera Jasmin) is an ambitious girl who wants to sing in movies. She is the favourite disciple of musician Ustad (Nedumudi Venu) and she becomes friendly with Ustad's daughter Raziya (Revathi) soon. She gets in touch with Ameer (Manoj K.Jayan), a business man and started loving him. At one stage, she left with him without informing her father (Jagathi) and other well wishers. Though Ameer allowed her to continue singing in the initia
l period, slowly she came to know that he is not interested in her passion. She wanted to leave the house, but he is not allowing him. Soon she came to know that she is pregnant. She stays back at one condition. When Raziya comes back from London, she saw a different person in Veena and thus goes the incidents of 'Paattinte Paalaazhi'.

Father buying old pots from market for her daughter to break, is a childish situation. The ambitious father acting against the music director and the daughter keeping silent at that situation are not digestible. Raziya's character coming to the hospital reception at different occasions, felt repetitive, Raziya and Veena praising each other, all things should have been avoided. The actions of new face Balabhaskar does not matches with the dubbing sometimes. The girl escaping with her lover happens on a sudden, it cannot be justified as the romance is not told in detail. The extreme wish of the mother to make her daughter singing at the studio in their house itself cannot be accepted. As the character's instability is showed in the later portions, it is not a big problem. The doctor (Pattanam Rasheed) accepting the identity of Razhia is not realistic. The climax situations had got resemblance with movies like 'Manichitrathazhu', 'Ayal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu', 'Kadaaksham' etc. The climax happenings in the story, written and shown on the screen is a short cut method found by the director for expression. The duet song featuring the marriage party is not treated well.

Since the role demands eccentric behavior, it is suited well for Meera Jasmin. Cinematographer Azhagappan had given some colorful visuals. Songs by Suresh Manimala may not be best enough to be recollected, but it goes well with the movie path. A lullaby song by Chitra can be charted on top. Background score by Balabhaskar is good, being an expert, he did well in the violin bits that comes along with the songs and its bgm in certain situations.

Don't expect
much attractive elements necessary for an entertainment from a musical family subject like 'Paattinte Paalaazhi', at the same time it is not too bad to be cornered...

Rating : 5.5 / 10


prasanth said...

I got a difference in opinion regarding the review of 'Paattinte Paalaazhi' from a well wisher of mine and as I am convinced with his views to a certain extend, I am changing the rating with ur permission...


prasanth said...

A few lines here and there in the review is also changed...