Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guru Sishyan

Medium : Tamil
Starring : Satyaraj, Sundar.C, Santhanam, Hema Malini, Saranya

Director : Sakthi Chidambaram

Music : Dhina

Sakthi Chidambaram, the writer - director notable for making action comedy masalas, h
as come back with a movie having Satyaraj and Sundar C combination for the first time. Some of the movies by Sakthi includes 'Charli Chaplin' (acted by Prabhu and Prabhu Deva, the original version of malayalam movie 'Happy Husbands'), 'Englishkkaran', 'Kovai Brothers' (both by Satyaraj), 'Rajadhi Raja' (by Raghava Lawrence), 'Vyabaari' (by S.J.Soorya) and 'Sandai' (by Sundar.C). Hema Malini, the north indian girl, who did movies like 'Indravizha' and 'Naan Avan Illai 2', is the heroine. The title 'Guru Sishyan' is borrowed from an old super hit movie with Rajnikanth-Prabhu combination.

Guru (Satya
raj) is a rich man based in Rajapalayam. He is a financier who is strict in running business. Yettu (Sundar.C) is a person who is willing to do anything for money. Soon Guru and Yettu became close friends and the latter is given an important position in Guru's gang. At this time, there enters Mahalakshmi (Saranya). Guru is openly acting against her and at one stage, he even destroys the shop run by her family. Eettu also supported him in such activities. Eettu's love track (with Hema Malini) is shown parallelly. Later, an incident caused the split in relationship between Guru and Yettu, the reason is showed in the post interval period of 'Guru Sishyan'.

Satyaraj handles the comedy oriented lead role with ease. Sundar.C has
done the character in his usual way. Hema Malini has got much glamor to do in songs. After doing so much 'mother' roles, Saranya seems to be having an aged look. Kiran has a guest appearance in one song. The songs by Dhina are not the best, but bg score goes with the pace. The story line is not new and the flash back portions resembles some hit movies in the past. The comical dialogues by Satyaraj, the reason told by him for putting his name as 'Kaalu', Guru's combination scenes with Yettu, the re-creation of 'kodiyile...' song featuring Satyaraj and Saranya etc are some of the areas that creates laughing.

'Guru Sishyan' is a mix-masala of action, humor, songs, dances and glamor, targeting the low class audiences.

Rating : 4.5 / 10

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