Monday, August 16, 2010

Plus Two

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Shafna, Roshan, Vishnu Mohan, Justine John, Deepak Murali, Sajin
Director : Shebi

Music : Manu Ramesh, Kannan (bg score)

After the sensational hit, 'Note Book' by Roshan Andrews, another venture telling the story of
teenagers, has been released. The movie titled 'Plus Two' is directed by debutant Shebi, who came from the advertisement field. It has got new face Roshan in the lead role, supported by many new comers. The heroine is Shafna ('Kadha Prayumbol' fame). Music is done by Manu Ramesh ('Gulumaal' fame).

Prince (Roshan) is studying in higher secondary school w
ith his friends (Vishnu Mohan, Justine John, Deepak Murali, Sajin). His parents are in US and he is staying alone. A girl named Meenakshi (Shafna) and her mother reached Prince's house, in search of her elder sister who left them years ago. The very next day, the mother is dead and Meenakshi is left alone. Prince gave shelter for her in the house. Though he hide the matter from his friends, they were succeeded in finding the secret. Prince has fallen in love with Meenakshi. Though she is not giving green signal in the beginning, as days passed, she also fell in the track. One day, Prince's parents (Saikumar and Geetha Vijayan) reached home without informing. It leads to a dramatic change in the life of lovers.

The non professionalism of the new director Shebi and script writer Jain George is evident in majority of the situations. The story is a presentable one, but the problem happened in conceiving it, happens to be the negative here. The opening scene in the classroom in which the student delivering romantic dialogues is not up to the standard. The flashback ending portion leading to the climax happens on a sudden. There are so many cliche situations in the movie; the reason why I am telling this is due to the way in which scenes like Prince's finger is accidentally cut, both lovers bending down to take the object, girl leaving the home without informing etc has been shown, all of them are predicted well in advance by the audience in the theater, they were screaming loudly about the outcome of those scenes in advance.

The hero's relationship with the parents is not defined neatly and hence his father talk
ing emotionally at the hospital became useless. The romance between the lovers also lacks the real tempo. The students has been shown studying in International School, but it is very difficult to find a 'funny' teacher (Suraj Venjarammood) like him in any schools. The mobile episode and the double meaning dialogues are the desperate attempts to create humor. The students are shown playing football in the heavy traffic, the creators should think twice before doing those scenes. They can't implement such playing techniques while fighting against the rowdies.

There is nothing bad to be pointed out in the performance of the new faces like Rosha
n and co. Shafna is having a dull and sad look always (the director should answer whether it is a deliberate effort). Vishnu Mohan, s/o senior production executive Seven Arts Mohan, makes his debut appearance (as hero's close friend) in a slightly humorous way. Dileep Raman is the cinematographer. With a couple of catchy romantic numbers, music director Manu Ramesh did his job well. The visuals in the songs are filled with fast cuts by editor Mahesh Narayanan, but the absence of a professional choreographer is evident in many shots. Bg score by Kannan is ok, but sometimes it is too heavy.

The outcome of 'Plus Two' should have been different, if there existed more seriousness on the scripting and the direction sides. The team behind it should repeatedly watch the movie 'Note Book' and then analyze where they went wrong.

Rating : 5 / 10

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