Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Medium : English
Starring : Adrien Brody, Laurence Fishburne, Topher Grace, Alice Braga

Director : Nimród Antal

Usually trailers of a movie are made as a part of promoting the project and thus to attract crowd to theaters. In the case of the new hollywood movie 'Predators', the promo had created an adverse effect on me. The trailers has been shown in various cinema halls, since last 2-3 months. To be frank, I didn't felt any attraction in that video or the theme and the over doze (i have to watch the same visuals at least once in every week), has created a disinterest in me regarding the movie. Hence, I decided to stay back when it is released. To watch a movie is a tough job for a few among us, but for me, spending days without watching a notable movie will be a herculian task. I had fed up, hearing Why...Why ? In the end, the decision was made to flow with the wind, keeping full faith in 20th Century Fox, who had distributed the movie.

It was heard
somewhere that 'Predators' had got link with Arnold Schwazneigher's old movie 'Predator', some refers this as an independent project. Nimród Antal had directed this movie with a different theme and it has got actors like Adrien Brody ('The Village' fame), Alice Braga ('Blindness' fame), Topher Grace ('Spiderman 3' fame) and Laurence Fishburne ('Matrix' series and 'MI 3' fame) in lead roles.

In the opening scene, we are shown, a group of 8 people (Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Alice Braga etc) falling to the jungle from top, one by one. None of them know the rea
son for their arrival to that place. Traveling through the bushes, they came to know that it is another planet where some different species are living. They were attacked by some ugly looking beasts, they were able to kill them or thew them away with their arms and guns. After the attack, they came to know that they had lost a companion. He is being killed brutally. On the way, a person (Laurence Fishburne) came for their rescue and he gave the details regarding the planet and also gave shelter for the gang. Later, it was known that he has got some hidden plans to work out. How the group escapes from the planets and who all are left with them are shown in the later portions.

The first half portions of the movie where the group roaming and wandering the jungle is interesting. But, the tempo was lost once the predators are shown. The huge creatures with the mask is not at all an attractive sight. 'Predator' was accepted, as it was the first of this kind. Later we have seen similar characters in a couple of projects belongs to 'Alien vs Predator' series. The reason told by a member in the gang to stay back at end, remains funny. As usual, here also you have got a 'good' predator, who tries to help the gang. Also the doubts regarding the existence of the number of predators in the planet left unanswered. The climax is shown in such a way that the director want to make a sequel of this project. The cinematography and the visual effects sequences have got high standards.

As we have watched many better projects with similar themes, it is difficult to place 'Predators' on top of the charts.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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