Sunday, August 15, 2010


Medium : Tamil

Starring : Arya, Amy Jackson, Alex O’Nell, Cochin Haneefa, Nasser
Director : Vijay

Music : G.V.Prakashkumar

A movie which is very relevant in this week, when our country is celebrating its independence day, has got released, the venture is titled 'Madrasapattinam'. The story happens in the pre-independence days and ends in the current period. Arya and the English lady Amy Jackson did the lead roles along with many foreign actors. After movies like 'Kalapani', 'Lagaan', 'Magal Pandey', 'Hey Raam', 'Rangde Basanthi' etc; once again the mix of freedom fighting and romance forms the back bone of a project.

'Kireedom' and 'Poi Solla Poram' fame director Vijay (former associate to Priyadarshan) is the writer and creator of this movie. Nirav Shah is there with a good support as the cinematographer. Star editor Anthony has done the cuts. This periodical subject demands equal contribution from V.Selvakumar (art), Deepali Noor (costumes) and the much experienced Pattanam Rasheed (make-up). Music is given by G.V.Prakashkumar. This big budget production comes from Kalpathi S.Aghoram for AGS Entertainment.

The film starts in London, when an old lady attending the funeral of her husband, fainted and the doctors giving a half chance for surviving the brain surgery. She wants to see Madras city again,where she lived once. Thus the old lady reaches Chennai with her daughter. Her life, as the daughter of governor general is shown in the flashback. She (Amy Jackson) gets in touch with Paruthi (Arya), a wrestler from the group of dhobis (washermen), who stays in the locality. Amy is being forcibly engaged to the police chief (Alex O’Nell) by her parents. Amy doesn't like that relationship, as she is aware of the cruel behaviors of her fiancee. She also opposes the decision of evacuating the dhobis from their home ground. At this time, the country becomes independent and the girl's family members decided to kill Paruthi. What happens to Paruthi's affair, whether the old lady is able to meet any one who lived along with Paruthi has all shown in the later portions.

After giving of couple of remake subjects, Vijay has given an extra ordinary venture that helps to
put his name also in the list of promising directors. The boldness to mix a subject happening in the pre-independence period with the current era, is notable. The movie involving a bulk of chroma sequences (to do the computer graphics sequences in creating the old Madras), has been excellently done by Nirav Shah. Editor Anthony did his job in style. The visual effects sequences has also been managed to the best way it can. The works by art director V.Selvakumar (railway station, trams etc), costumer Deepali Noor and make-up man Pattanam Rasheed are neatly evident in each and every frames. The songs goes with the mood, but it is the bg score section that gave the real life for the movie, which are done well by G.V.Prakashkumar. Fight scenes are also done well.

Arya has done good for the lead role. Amy Jackson is charming and she also
suits well in the character. Alex O’Nell has got the usual body language of the negative English character. Late Cochin Haneefa is there in his usual style as the translator, the notable thing is that Kottayam Nazeer has dubbed for him in this movie, which also felt realistic. Haneefa's continuity in appearance is affected in certain scenes, when taken into account the fate happened to him, it is a negligible thing only. Nasser, M.S.Bhaskar and Bala Singh also did their job well.

The wrestling sequence resembles the situation in 'Lagaan'. The second half lags a little, which should have been avoided. The old man in the ICU identifying the lady all on a sudden is a cinematic thing. The cliche situations happening while telling such a story, like the love matters, the angry of the family members, the foreigners speaking the local language etc has happened here also (I am not criticizing by simply avoiding the creative effort).

'Madrasapattinam' is a story starts in the pre-independent period and ends up in the current Chennai city. This is another 'feather' in the hat of tamil movie industry...

Rating : 8.5 / 10

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