Monday, August 30, 2010


Medium : Tamil
Starring : Eshwar, Dhyana, Nasser, Baala Singh, Singam Puli
Director : Whaterman
Music : S.S.Kumaran

Chennai city (previously Madras) has always been a lucky destiny for those who want to be part of the movie industry right from the olden days. In the 90's, the flow density came down when the making of the movies are shifted to Kerala. Even though more and more studios are made here, still we depend on our neighboring state for production purpose. Now, in the last few years, kollywood (tamil industry) has been producing some notable projects and it comes from new actors and technicians. Thus in every week, we are witnessing a new actor or a new director in tamil, most of them are successful also.

'Virunthaali' is a movie belong to the same genre, done by a new director. His name is Whaterman. No chance to hear this name before, but the di
rector is not a new name as far as malayalam movie and album industries are concerned. His original name is Udayashankaran. He was an assistant to director Lohithadas in 'Nivedyam'. He is also the director of the notable albums like 'Chembakame' and 'Mukundamala'. New faces Eshwar and Dhyana did the lead roles in his movie and his co-worker in 'Nivedyam', Sajan Kalathil is the cinematographer.

Eshwar (Eshwar) is a money lender in the village. He is waiting eagerly for the arrival of his father (Nasser), who is in prison. Archana (Dhyana), daughter of the postman (Baala Singh) is a law student also. Her introduction to Eshwar was not a pleasing one, though she doesn't liked him in the beginning, later they started loving each other. Eshwar helped his friend to get married with his lover. The lover's family was preparing to take revenge. At this time, Eshwar's father got released from jail. How he solve his friend's problem, whether he got succeeded in his own love matters etc are shown in the climax.

The movie started by creating much expectations, but it collapsed as it
goes on. Hero Eshwar (like Kamalhassan's appearance in 'Virumaandi) had done his part well, but the financier character is not stable and it doesn't have an attractive look. Heroine's character lacks depth, she is seen in a part time post woman role most of the time. Nasser is good, the reason for his punishment is expressed through few words only. Singam Puli, the comedian companion of the hero is overacting most of the times. Baala Singh did well in his role. The police inspector's role is a cliche. The negative woman character is having a dramatic look. Such an end given to the story felt a deliberate one (hope director want to repeat the magic of movies like 'Kaathal' and 'Paruthiveeran' there). The sequences featuring the postman character is treated touchingly, but the scripting side of the rest of the portions is not having a serious look. Songs by S.S.Kumaran ('Poo', 'Kalavaani' fame) are not the best. Cinematographer Sajan Kalathil gave some colorful visuals, Raja Mohammed is the editor.

Though 'Virunthaali' has got a debut malayalee writer-director, the lack of professionalism in the attempt, pulls be back from promoting it.

Rating : 3.5 / 10

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