Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Advocate Lakshmanan, Ladies Only

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mukesh, Ponnamma Babu, Mallika Kapoor, Jagadeesh, Suraj Venjarammood,
Harisree Asokan
Director : Pappan Payattuvila

Music : Mohan Sitara, Rajamani (bg score)

A friend of mine, who is
a follower of my blog, called up and enquired, "which is your new destination ?" I told him "Advocate Lakshmanan Ladies Only"; he asked me, to guess the marks that should be given to this movie in advance, though it was against ethics, to satisfy him, I replied "around 4 / 10".

Seeing only 3-4 bikes in the theater parking area, I asked the old man who is
giving the coupon, "how is the movie", he replied, "As a staff, I am not supposed to tell the truth, please don't ask", the rating of the movie, in my mind is reduced further.

Even after seeing the funny reaction of the person at the ticket counter, I
decided to fall in the pool. From the first couple of scenes itself, the real standard of the movie is revealed, I felt sorry for such a 'good ' pre-assumption given to my friend when he asked me to guess the result !

Lakshmanan (Mukesh) is an advocate who is specialized in divorce cases. He wins such cases for many wome
n (Ponnamma Babu, Geetha Viajayan, Usha etc) and gave them job in the pickles factory owned by him. His brother-in-law is an advocate (Suraj Venjarammood), who always fails cases against him. Lakshmanan is being helped by some people (Jagadeesh, Harisree Asokan etc) to win the cases. Lakshmanan's marriage is being fixed with his lover (Mallika Kapoor) and that has changed his you want more !

The comedy created using Kochu Preman and Harisree Asokan for the advocate to win case, the court scenes, the comedy scene in the hospital featuring many extra artists, the union meeting of 'men for liquor' presided by Suraj Venjarammood, the family scene of Suraj, the scene in which Harisree Asokan and his wife Usha acting as astrologer, humour words by advocate's assistant Jagadeesh, the fighting between Geetha Vijayan and Premkumar and last but not the least the 'kaavadi' dance song featuring Mukesh and Jagadeesh with Ponnamma Babu and her companions (almost having her same body language) on opposite sides etc etc are all examples of dirty and ugly situations that polluted the whole environment. As I don't want to die watching such a movie, I left the theater even before the show ends...

The childish, unprofessional and unintentional attitude of the script writer K.S.Padmakumar and director Pappan Payattuvila resulted in the poor performance of cinematographer K.V.Suresh and re-recordist Rajamani also.

When I returned to take the bike, I asked the same old man, "Which is the new release ?", he replied soon, "it will be a tamil or a hindi movie either, in the coming week"....I whispered, "long live such movies..."

'Advocate Lakshmanan, Ladies Only' doesn't have a single shot to attract the viewers, please don't suggest this even to your enemies...

Rating : 1 / 10

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