Thursday, August 5, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Bala, Vijay Yesudas, Riaz Khan, Vijayaraghavan, Jagadeesh, Muktha
Director : Nandakumar Kaavil

Music : Rajamani, Ramesh Narayan, Anil Gopal

The only attraction of the movie 'Avan' is that singer Vijay Yesudas has acted in an important role in it. Like his father, who had done some on-screen appearances ('Kayamkulam Kochunni', 'Kavya M
ela', 'Achani', 'Nandanam', 'Boy Friend' etc), Vijay is also trying to extend his popularity. Young actor Bala ('Big B', 'Puthiya Mukham', 'Chembada' fame) comes in the lead role. Script writer Sumod Gopu, director Nandakumar Kaavil are all new comers. Nambiathiri ('Laal Salaam', 'Aayirappara', 'Kadha Nayakan' fame) is the cinematographer. This musical action subject has got Rajamani, Ramesh Narayan and Anil Gopal as the music directors.

The story starts when Krishnan (Bala), a criminal, participating in a tv reality show. In front of the anchor (Jagadeesh), he tell about his old days and how he reached in such a situation. Krishnan is having a broken and unstable childhood, but he was always fond of music. He studied the basic lessons, hearing the voice of music teacher (Devan) in the locality. Later, Krishan got involved in a murder incident and left the village, when grown up he became the main member of a quotation gang. He has involved in all sorts of illegal activities with his friend Dharman (Riaz Khan). They got advice from Balu (Vijayaraghavan), an old gang leader, in all such matters. Krishnan loves a girl (Muktha) in the colony. One day, Krishnan and Dharman got into a deal with business tycoon, to attack the up coming singer Ramanujam (Vijay Yesudas). They entered the latter's house, which later lead to a series of incidents.

The director has tried to tell the subject in the backdrop of a reality show.We have seen a similar situation in Ja
yaram movie, 'One Man Show' by Rafi-Mecartin. Most of the situations happening in the movie are not new, like the hero in his olden days studying music, the boy got involved in a murder and leaving the village, the attachment of the hero with his god father, the helpless hero being treated by the old singer and the young children, the relationship between Krishnan and Ramanujam, the post marriage life of Krishnan's lover, the end happening to the hero's god father, the climax portion of the movie etc have been witnessed in many movies in different languages before.

The portions towards the end, after Krishnan is being attacked by the rowdies, goes too fastly. Here the flasback of Ramanujam and his relationship with Krishnan has not been told convincingly. The reality show, projected as a 'live' programme doesn't felt realistic. Kottayam Nazeer, the spectator tells that he is there as he doesn't have any job to do and he is also over acting most of the time. Bala has tried to do his best, with the voice of dubbing artist Sharathdas. Vijay Yesudas, though doesn't have big job to do, is not looking confident in his scenes (he should concentrate more in the singing area, which is good for him). Vijayaraghavan is suited well in the serious role. Jagathi and Jagadeesh did the roles in their own way.

The song
s are not the best, they comes as fillers in various intervals. Among them, Shankar Mahadevan's solo number felt different. To give the voice of M.G.Sreekumar for the highschool boy while singing, is not acceptable. A rare cine-phenomenon has also happened, one song has been rendered by Yesudas, which is performed by his son Vijay in the movie. The art work for the particular song should have been more serious. Mafia Sasi still continues his old techniques in action sequences, which is not good, it is time for him to watch more other language movies. Bg score by Rajamani goes with the mood. Nambiathiri's camera work is ok. Sreenivas is the editor. The attempt taken by Sumod Gopu and Nandakumar Kaavil for taking such a subject needs to be mentioned, they should do more home work and come back with a better project next time.

There is nothing new in a project like 'Avan'.

Rating : 3.5 / 10

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