Monday, August 23, 2010

Yakshiyum Njaanum

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Gautham, Jubin Raj, Meghna, Thilakan, 'Sphadikam' George, Capatin Raju

Director : Vinayan
Music : Sajan Madhav

The hot name in the media and movie industry these days will be none other than director Vinayan. He had succeeded in releasing his new project after overcoming the problems that existed among the members of different organizations in the movie industry (since this is not a platform to discuss such controversial matters, I am taking a bye pass to the review part). The movie titled 'Yakhiyum Njaanum' has released in the festival season when there are no big malayalam projects in front of it that can create an opposition. After giving two successive horror movies like 'Aakasaganga' and 'Vellinakshatram', the director is now back with a similar theme.

It is also notable that none of the previous movies from Vinayan like 'Black Cat', 'Hareendran Oru Nishkalangan', 'Athisayan', 'Boy Friend' and 'Adbuthadweep' did well; but the director's boldness to walk against the wind to create some occasional hits, should be noticed. His new movie is filled with the majority of new faces. Late actor Rajan P.Dev's son Jubin Raj makes his debut through this movie. Gautham and Meghna who comes in the lead roles are also new comers. Sajan Madhav, son of notable music director Raveendran, has done the music for this movie.

The movie starts showing Shyam (Gautham), accepting a murder quotation from the minister's son (Jubin Raj). After being successful, Shyam goes to a safe hide out place, an old bungalow in the forest. There he meets a girl (Meghna), started loving her. The big house is giving some haunting incidents for Shyam's companions. When the minister's son is visiting them, he finds the person, whom he gave quotation to kill, is now alive in the house. This cause a split between the former and Shyam. The police arrests Shyam and on the way, the 'Yakshi' girl started his play and he is saved. When he asks about her identity, the girl tells her story. She is here for a revenge against the people who are responsible for destroying her family.

The movie has got
a story line which can be developed into a horror thriller. The problem mainly happens on the placement of actors, the important characters in the story are done by new faces and some average figures from the television media. The humor oriented scenes based on horror are good, but it affected a lot due the problem mentioned above. The comedy created using the dwar is very below average. The over doze of glamor show by the heroine is not a good sight for family audiences. The flash back scenes should have done in a more serious manner. The existence of the second heroine in the servant lady character is mysterious. The reason told by heroine's father to wear the white wedding dress felt funny. The make up of flash back hero is good for a dancer rather than a union leader. Though Vinayan had directed the move with his experience, the lack of professionalism is evident here and there; it might have happened due to the problems faced by the creators (on the casting side) during the making of this movie.

Gautham is o
k in the lead role, his voice rendering is realistic but some times it felt dramatic also. Meghna is excellent in the 'Yakshi' character. Jubin Raj, in the villain role didn't got a big role to perform. Sajan Madhav had given the songs that resembles his father's style, a couple of duets are good. The movie shot in high definition RED cam, by cinematographer Navaz has got many visual effects and CG sequences also. Editing is by Pradeep.

'Yakshiyum Njaanum', made in a different canvas with the placement of professional actors in the important roles, would have given a real horror experience. Those who have already planned to watch it, should keep this in your mind...

Rating : 5 / 10

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