Sunday, December 5, 2010

Again Kasargod Kadherbhai

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Jagadeesh, Gautham, Innocent, Asokan, Biju Kuttan, Suresh Krishna, Radha Varma
Director : Thulasidas
Music : Ratheesh Vega

We are still remembering the issues happened between some organizations in the movie industry, few years back. One end of the trouble was Thulasidas, the director who doesn't have big hits recently. His movies like 'College Kumaran', 'Rakshakan', 'Avan Chandiyude Makan', 'Mr. Brahmachari', 'Pranayamani Thooval' etc didn't do well. At that time, the hero who was about to act in his new project, requested him to prove (again) by giving a hit. Anyway, it is an old case now, the problems are over. The director, after a short gap, is back with another sequel of his previous hit movie 'Mimics Parade', happened almost twenty years before. 'Kasargod Kadherbhai', which came as the second part of that movie has got a pass certificate due to the comedy trend existed in that period.

'Again Kasargod Kadherbhai' has got Jagadeesh, Innocent, Babu Antony, Asokan and Baiju, that has acted in the previous versions. Radha Varma, who did the heroine role in Dileep's 'Crazy Gopalan' is coming as the heroine. 'Yakshiyum Njaanum' fame Gautham comes in a notable role. Kalloor Dennis is maintained as the script writer for this movie also. Utpal V.Nayanar is the cinematographer. This is producer Milan Jaleel's next movie after the notable project 'Cock Tail'. Ratheesh Vega, who worked as the music director for that movie gets another chance here.

The members (Salim Kumar, Biju Kuttan, Dhananjayan, Tesni Khan etc) of Kaladarshana troup had decided to celebrate the 60th birthday of father Tharakkandam (Inncoent). The old members (Jagadeesh, Asokan, Baiju) were also invited. After few days, all of them together got a chance to perform in the central jail where Kasim Bhai (Babu Antony), the son of Kadher Bhai also stays. Kasim attacks the troupe members in the middle of the show and later it was found that Kasim is dead. The police inspector (Gautham) took in charge of the investigation. The real culprit is caught in the climax.

There is not a single attractive scene in the whole movie. The dialogues are filled with many double meaning words. The comedy sequences shown here is too childish. The scenes at hospital and at the office where troupe members trying to attract the heroine are best examples. A couple of stage shows done by the troupe is shown as it is to generate comedy (the creators are still not aware that the viewers are getting a chance to watch comedy skits every minute in their favorite tv channels, this is not the 90's where there existed only one or two tv channels).

Suraaj Venjarammood once again comes in a foolish police officer who is a mimicry fan. He had done a lengthy imitating scene of many heroes, which is a repetitive thing only. The dialogue delivery of Gautham in the police officer's role is not matching well. The head shaking mannerism of the father character is an artificiality here. The second song suitable for a romantic mood is done in a comic way, featuring the oldies. The interval punch is serious, but the director had asked the viewers to take a break so that they can laugh again. The only agreeable thing shown in the whole movie is the climax where the police describes the motive of the crime, but by that time an average viewer might be in a 'pathetic' state of mind.

Movies like 'Again Kasargod Kadherbhai' will provoke more viewers to take a strong decision, not to come to theaters here after...

Rating : 1 / 10


nikhimenon said...

i think this s the first review of the movie,available in the net....

btw enthinaa ithinokke thala vekkunnathu?

ജിക്കുമോന്‍ - said...

@ nikhi hahaha enthinna ithinokke thala vekkunnathu ennonnum chikkaruthu... ithilum bhedham traininu thala vechoode enkil korechu koodi suham kittiyene ennu para..

@ praveen.. keep goin bhai... dont slow down ur spirit... also one request atleast reply for the comments... just a suggestion..