Saturday, December 4, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Suresh Gopi, Madhu, Bala, Jagathi, 'Kaadhal' Sandhya, Lakshmi Gopalaswamy

Director : Dr.S.Janardhanan
Music : M.Jayachandran, Rajamani (bg score)

The director of many hit mega serials and Mohanlal film 'Mahasamudram' has now done a horror based investigation subjec
t titled 'Sahasram'. The title is so, because the hero Suresh Gopi's name in the movie is a peculiar one, Vishnu Sahasra Naamam. It is going to be yet another police officer's role for him. U.K.Senthil Kumar, who worked with the same actor in his previous project 'Kanyakumari Express', is the cinematographer. Bala and 'Kaadhal' Sandhya have also done notable roles. Seven Arts Films is the distributor.

The story is told in the background of a film shooting. As per request from the production controller (Jagathi), the art director Vaishakhan (Bala) reaches the shooting spot just before the proposed day of shooting, for the set works. He had witnessed some unusual happenings there. His personal grudge with actor Sudheer (Suresh Krishna), had caused him problems at the location and he was forced to leave the job. The shooting started and while taking a combination shot of the heroine ('Kaadhal' Sandhya) and the villain, the latter one, who is also the minister's son is killed. The police officer, Saha
sra Naamam (Suresh Gopi), who is in charge of the investigation reached there and the truth is found out in the racy second half through a suspense.

The director had kept a good suspense for the story. The main problem lies in the careless handling of some incidents and inclusion unnatural dialogues in the movie. The creator should realize the fact that a movie presentation is far different compared to that of a mini screen. The lengthy opening scene in which the heroine of a movie fall accidentally into the water and the after effects of that incident are all carelessly handled. The sequences involving Kottayam Nazir in the director's role, Jagathi as the production controller, Bala as the art director and who ever related to the film shooting spots are speaking very amateur dialogues regarding their profession. The discussion happening between the director and the crew members on the scenes to be shot, are suitable for a school drama only (it is not good to under estimate the viewers, they are intelligent enough to understand the cinematic things even if they are old in a more professional and serious way).

Suresh Gopi is there in his usual style, but some times he is behaving in an abnormal manner (it is all part of the investigation, leave it). The dialogue delivery of Niyaz as SI, felt odd in few areas. Even if the suspense is revealed in the anticlimax, the director had added a dramatic climax area for revenge, which should have been done more neatly. A senior actor like Madhu is not suited in such a role of the minister. 'Kaadhal' Sandhya is not graceful in the heroine's role. Bala is ok. Bg score by Rajamani is good for the mood. Cinematography by U.K.Senthil Kumar with Ramalingam and Sujith Vasudev, who worked for the second unit, did their job well. Mahesh Narayan is the editor. Action scenes by Mafia Sasi is ok, a couple of rope shots felt bad due to his inexperience in that side.

Even if there are few ups and downs on the making side, 'Sahasram' has got a watchable investigation plot, with a suspense.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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