Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Bala, Manikkuttan, Arun, Siraj, Muktha

Director : T.S.Jespal
Music : Alex Paul, S.P.Venkitesh (bg score)

Another movie with many young faces has been released. The title 'Chaverpada' will pass the message that its is an action oriented one. Though the movie is directed by new comer T.S.Jespal, he has got notable technicians like Bharani K.Dharan ('Puthiya Mugham', 'The Thriller', 'Police Police' fame) as cinematographer and Samjith ('Red Chillies', 'Puthiya Mugham', 'Vairam' fame) as the editor. The script is written by G.S.Anil, who is notable through the tele serial 'Kayamkulam Kochunni'.

The story is about a gang (Manikkuttan, Arun, Siraj etc) named 4tech studying in the coll
ege. They are notable for their brilliance in the academic activities. At occasions they clashed with some other notorious students of the college. For a time pass, the group had once hacked some confidential web programs including the traffic signal of the city. The police had arrested and knowing that they don't have any criminal backgrounds, they were released. That incident had caused them some dangers in the later parts.

The presentation of the movie looks amateur in many areas. The computer expert guy hacking the traffic signal (adapted from the english movie 'Italian Job') is done as a time pass and cannot be accepted here, as it is treated in a very light way. The word 'Kerala Police' is repeated many times in the scenes featuring police officers. The performance of some new faces placed in between the scenes, like the father of a gang member, the police officer etc were not serious. The introduction of the servant character done by Tesni Khan and its following sequences are too lengthy and boring. Only a malayalam movie can create such a poor sequence for comedy where the public over hears the mobile talk by professor (Kochu Preman) with anothe
r teacher through the college speaker. Actor Krishaprasad is in his late 30's, but he is shown as as a student for few moments, even though it is done to jutify the situation, we cannot easily digest that area. The hopeless item dance by the terrorist lady must have been done to cover 4 to 5 minutes without tension. The situation leading to the first song and the visuals in the songs won't felt good. The pathos song will make anyone restless in all aspects. Bala as the NSG chief didn't have the needed official appearance, he is shown in the beard look always. Manikkuttan is over acting in many scenes in the beginning including the songs. The bg sounds felt too noisy in some areas. Even the presence of Bharani K.Dharan and Samjith can't save the project due to its weak scripting. Songs by ALex Paul are going with the weak standard of the movie only. Bg Score is given by S.P.Venkitesh. Action sequences (done by Mafia Sasi, Run Ravi, Anal Arasu) are not the best, especially the unnatural in the rope scenes are evident in the last fight.

You can watch "Chaverpada', only if you are adamant enough to join this "chaver" group.

Rating : 2.5 / 10

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