Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chikku Bukku

Medium : Tamil
Starring : Arya, Shriya Sharan, Preethika, Santhanam
Director : Manikandan
Music : Colonial Cousins, Praveen Mani (bg score)

After the success of 'Madrasappattinam' and 'Boss Engira Bhaskaran', rising star Arya's next release is 'Chikku Bukku'. He has been paired with Shriya Sharan for the first time. This is her tamil release after a gap; she has been traveling through telugu ('Puli', 'Don Seenu' etc) and malayalam ('Pokkiri Raja') in the past few months. Debutant Preethika comes in a notable role. The director of the movie is new comer Manikandan. Gurudev ('Yogi' fame) is the cinematographer. Hariharan and Leslie Lewis, otherwise known as Colonial Cousins did the music for the movie, after 'Modhi Vilayaadu'.

The story starts in London. Arjun (Arya) is a DJ. Anu (Shriya Sharan) is studying for MBA there. After her studies, she was returning to her home town Kaaraikkudi. At the same time, Arjun is also flying to his native for settling the land dispute regarding the village house. When reached Bangalore, due to strike by the air traffic officials, both of them were forced to travel together in the train and later by bus. That journey had bought a great bondage of relationship between the two.

The director along with Ramakrishnan had written the screenplay. The way of mixing the flash back episodes of the hero's father's life (also Arya) with the current version is good. Arya did well in both the roles. Shriya Sharan is charming (I felt that she has given her own voice for the role, if it is right, then it is a good attempt). New face Preethika is also lovable in her role. The romantic scenes between her and Arya are done well. The conclusion for the lovers in the flashback are not given neatly. Two coincidences, one at the flashback and other in the current story featuring the heroes (Arya in both versions) and his friend (Anoop Kumar) are done here, two heroines accidentally becomes a part of that substance in the story line, such a creativity can felt unnatural some times. The car chase sequence was an unwanted one, the logic in the brake failure is questionable by the way in which the scene is ended. The journey episodes had got a flavor of movies like 'Kandein Kathale' (remake of 'Jab We Met') and 'Kutty' (remake of telugu hit 'Aarya').

For a cool subject like 'Chikku Bukku', the presence of an experienced music director is a must. Music given by Colonial Cousins are not the best. Pravin Mani has managed well with his bg score. The colorful visuals of Chikmagalur and Koorg has been neatly captured by cinematographer Gurudev. Editing is done by V.T.Vijayan. The two songs shot in London are done in a stylish way. The title animation of the movie felt a little bit lengthy.

'Chikku Bukku' is a romantic journey which can be watched for a time pass.

Rating : 6.5 / 10

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