Monday, December 27, 2010

Manmadan Ambu

Medium : Tamil
Starring : Kamalhassan, Madhavan, Kunjan, Trisha, Sangeetha, Urvashi, Manju Pillai

Director : K.S.Ravikumar

Music : Devisree Prasad

Universal Hero Kamalhassan's new venture 'Manmadan Ambu' has got some peculiarities to be noted. After 'Unnaippol Oruvan', (not the best remake of a neatly made hindi movie 'A Wedne
sday'), this is Kamal's next release. K.S.Ravikumar is directing the hero after both of them did movies like 'Avvai Shanmughi', 'Panchathanthiram', 'Thenali' and 'Dasaavatharam' before. Madhavan is acting with Kamal after 'Anbe Sivam'. This is Trisha's first chance to act in a Kamal movie. Young music director from telugu, Devisree Prasad ('Singam', 'Kanthasamy, 'Santhosh Subramanyam' fame) also got the lucky chance to do a Kamal movie for the first time. Malayalam actors Kunjan and Manju Pillai are placed in roles that comes through out the movie here and there. Young and big producer Udaynidhi Stalin has produced this movie under the banner Red Giant Movies. This is the first tamil movie where the majority of the portions is shot in a cruise ship. New comers Manush Nandan and Shaan Mohammed were given the major roles to do the cinematography and editing parts. The scripting of the movie is done by the hero himself.

Nisha (Trisha) is a leading actress who got engaged with Madan (Madhavan), a rich business man. He is not interested in allowing her to continue the profession after marriage. She defended it, the difference in opinion caused a split up between the two. After three years, she is on a trip to London to meet her friend Deepa (Sangeetha). Madan still doubts that his fiancee might be having an affair with some one else. He is appointing a private detective, Major Mannar (Kamalhassan) to watch her proceedings and give updates. Nisha joins Deepa with her kids for traveling in a cruise ship, Major follows them. What is the feedback obtained to Madan, what happens to Major etc are the portions through which the story travels in rest of the part.

When Kamalhassan joins with K.S.Ravikumar, you will naturally expect many humor oriented s
ituations happened in the case of 'Panchathanthiram' or 'Thenali'. Here, such situations are coming in the end portions of the second half only, that too are not shown in the best way. The major drawback of the movie is the spot sound. The facility of using the sounds on location can give a natural feel, but the additions of noise and the cross talking in few areas had affected badly. As a result, you are not able to understand few humor dialogues in between (Adding more situation comedy scenes accompanied with necessary sound effects and punching bg score, should have given a good output for the movie).

While drunk, Madhavan's dialogues are not conveyed properly. The taxi driver's talk in the beginning, tv scenes in the bar episode featuring Madhavan and friends, a couple of scenes featuring Madhavan and police persons etc are those areas that are not presen
ted neatly. The continuity of the movie is lost in certain portions. The confusion drama set in the climax scene has not created the required tempo, some dialogues caused big laughs, while there are many that left unnoticed. The story is not ended in the best way. The necessity of malayalam actors Kunjan and Manju Pillai in such a story is not understood. The need for three action directors in the movie can be questioned as you have got a small action sequence in the hero's introduction scene only.

The story is good. Even though you have got some problems in the execution side, the movie is not a boring one. Nearing the 60's, Kamalhassan is there in his usual style, he has got a couple of sad situations also to do. Trisha has done well, after giving a good performance in 'Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa'. Madhavan and Sangeetha are ok. Her combination scenes with Trisha is good. The first song 'Oyyale...' is notable due to its presentation. 'Dhagidu Dhattam...' song is placed in a correct situation. 'Neela Vaanam...' song won't sounds excellent in Kamal's voice, but the song sequence featuring the hero's story is done in an excellent way. The scenes featuring the hero's friend and his wife are shown in a touching way. Manush Nandan's cinematography is colorful, especially the foreign locations, the helicopter shots and the cruise scenes are shown good. Editor Shaan Mohammed has done his duty well.

'Manmadan Ambu' has not reached up to the expectation created by Kamalhassan - K.S.Ravikumar combination before; a hard core fan of Kamal and a regular follower of kollywood comedy flicks can watch it.

Rating : 6 / 10

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