Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tron Legacy (3D)

Medium : English
Starring : Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner
Director : Joseph Kosinski

The title of the new hollywood movie, 'Tron Legacy' didn't attracted me before. The promotional visuals were also not the best. But, when I heard that it is sequel of the old movie in the early 80's titled 'Tron', which was an inspiration to produce movies like 'Matrix' later and more over the movie is distributed by notable banner Walt Disney Pictures, the interest gradually becomes more and I decided to watch it. It is directed by debutant Joseph Kosinski and the director of the first movie, Steven Lisberger is in the role of the producer in the latest one. As usual I got the chance to watch the 3D version.

The beginning sequences of the movie showed that this is going to be yet another un believable theme in English. Sam's father is a computer expert who has been disappeared almost 20 years ago. When grown up, Sam went in search of his father. When entered the commands in the system, he is being taken to some another world functioning on the basis of computer program grids. The system existed there is similar to a computer game, he has to defeat certain opponents in order to reach the next level. He finally meets his father, how he rescues him from that environment is shown in the later portions.

The movie has got computer graphics and visual effects sequences in its extreme. The alternate world looks like an unbelievable one, but it is created in the best way. The problem happened there is in the case of logic in the theme and more over the characters and their relevance in that area is not properly defined. The story related to such an environment felt like a complex one. The scenes are lagging also. The majority of the episodes happening in the dark environment at night is not a good sight (The blue shade glasses put for the 3D effect has affected the brightness of the night scenes, this time also I was forced to remove glasses many times).

The fighting sequences is done in the style of a discus throw. The chasing scenes are done well, the visual effects done for the bike chasing are good, few shots reminds the similar situation in Jason Statham movie 'Crank'. Most of the characters in the other world appears with masks and also with LED lights on their dress, though done well, some where the light and sound show felt like an over doze. I also didn't understood clearly what has happened in the climax. Thus 'Tron Legacy' presented with excellent visual effects, has got many missing links in the story side.

'Tron Legacy' is not advisable for everyone. A hard core fan of computer games and some regular followers of hollywood movies might like the making style of science fiction subjects like this.

Rating : 5 / 10

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