Saturday, December 4, 2010

Raktha Charithram

Medium : Tamil
Starring : Soorya, Vivek Oberoi, Shatrukhnan Sinha, Sudeep, Priyamani, Radhika Apte
Director : Ramgopal Varma
Music : Imran - Vikram, Dharam - Sandeep (bg score)

Since weeks before, I have getting requests from my friends outside Kerala, to write the review on the movie titled 'Raktha Charithra 1'. Let us have a small brief about why this '1' there. The rebel director Ramgopal Varma had got this time also something different. An year before, when he had announced the movie 'Raktha Charithra', he told that it will be coming in two parts and more over it is tamil actor Soorya's debut in hindi. He will be appearing in the climax of the first part and will be the hero in the second part. 'Raktha Charithra 1' is released in hindi and telugu, a month before and had got a big positive response. The director had planned a single movie 'Raktha Charithram' for the tamil version, the first half an hour tells the whole story of the first part with the help of narrations and then Soorya will lead the story as it is.

Prathap Ravi (Vivek Oberoi), who had lost his relatives and family members, due to the cheap political games, has decided to take the swords for revenge. His group had destroyed all those people who standed on their way and Ravi thus emerges as a big powerful man who later entered politics to become a leader. He is teamed up with an actor turned politician (Shatrukhnan Sinha). Suri (Soorya) was among the many who had been affected due to the actions of Ravi. Suri and his friends had decided to kill Ravi, but Ravi survives the attack. Suri had surrendered as per request from DCP Anand (Sudeep, 'Rann', 'Phoonk 1, 2' fame). In the jail, he had planned his revenge. In the mean while, the opposition party had come forward asking Suri's wife (Priyamani) to stand in the elections, opposite Ravi. How Suri does his revenge is told through the rest of the happenings.

The director had used 'his style' in presentation using different and unstable camera angles to capture the emotions. In some areas, the frames are even rotating in 360 degrees. Such gimmicks might have been done to avoid the lip sink problems as it is a dubbed project (how ever some close up dialogues are shot in tamil). Though the problems happening for a normal dubbing movie is not there, in some areas the dialogue delivery neatly points out that it is not an original one. (If it is a hindi version, the outcome would have been more perfect). The happenings in the first part are shown too fast in the beginning; thus the audience might find difficulty to travel with that speed. The family episodes of the hero and the villain should have been discussed with more clarity. The portions in which the hero's wife entering the politics are not having many dialogues. Some of the dialogues covered by the bg score felt lengthy. The slow motions have been used in many places for keeping the tempo. There is a sort of lagging felt in some places in between. The darkish grading given for the frames is good for the movie's action mood, but when it mixes up with with the poor video quality of the theater screens, the outcome will not be the best as they expected.

The main strength of the movie lies in its excellent cinematography by Amol Rathod and mind blowing bg score by Dharam - Sandeep (in RGV style used in 'Satya', 'Company', 'Sarkar' etc). The action sequences involving the blood shelling sequences done by Javed - Ejaz are good. Ashok Gupta is the editor. Songs are not so good. Soorya has done well, he is in a tough look here. Vivek Oberoi and Sudeep are ok in their roles.

'Raktha Charithram' is a rough and tough, cold blooded subject told in Ramgopal Varma's style. Those who are particular about it can watch...

Rating : 5 / 10

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