Thursday, December 9, 2010

Best Actor

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Mammootty, Sreenivasan, Lal, Nedumudi Venu, Salim Kumar, Shruthi Ramakrishnan
Director : Martin Prakkaat
Music : Biji Bal

Yet another new comer has got the opportunity to direct Mammootty. Press photographer Martin Prakkat is the lucky guy to get the chance to tell the word "Action...". The theme of his new project is related to the movie field. The heroine is a new face, Shruthi Ramakrishnan. Ajayan Vincent, who gave stunning visuals in 'Bhramaram', is the cinematographer. The megastar, who is still enjoying the great success of his previous role Praanjiyettan, had got a different appearance here. He comes in the role of a school teacher. The movie is produced by Noushad.

Mohan (Mammootty) is a teacher in the village school, who lives with his wife (Shruthi Ramakrishnan) and son. His ambition is to become an actor. He goes behind many directors and none of them were ready to give him a chance. Even though frustrated, he has continued his efforts. In a do or die situation, he had reached the city to meet his friend who is working in the movie industry. That journey brought some changes to his life. What happens to his dream is shown in the rest of the portions.

The theme of the movie is different and good. Mammootty' role here is the representation of many such people who are dreaming to become an actor. It is realistic also, as we know some people around us with the similar tastes. The director had given a cinematic touch for the lead character towards the second half. It would have been better, if there existed more drama in that portions. Some of the shots done on hero and his companions has got a 'Chota Mumbai' touch. All such things might be negligible as the climax is an attractive one. As new comers, screenplay written be Martin Prakkaat and Bipin Chandran can be given pass marks, but additions of more aggressive moments attached to the theme should have given a top result. The dialogues, especially the movie related ones, delivered through directors like Sreenivasan, Ranjith and Lal Jose are motivating. The title sequences done using old movie stills and voices gives a nostalgic feeling.

Mammootty did well in the role that demands contrasting characteristics. The new comer Shruthi didn't have much to perform. 'Swapnamoru...' song is good and has visualized well. The dance song should have been better. Biji Bal's re-recording goes with the mood. Ajayan Vincent had given some colorful and rich visuals. The lighting pattern of the hero's introduction scene needs special mention. Don Max is the editor. Without experience in the movie industry, the debutant director Martin Prakkaat had made the subject in the best way he can.

'Best Actor' is a watchable movie. It has got an inspiring theme for those people who wish to enter the movie industry.

Rating : 7 / 10


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