Monday, December 27, 2010

Marykkundoru Kunjaadu

Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Dileep, Biju Menon, Vijayaraghavan, Salim Kumar, Innocent, Bhavana, Vinaya Prasad
Director : Shafi
Music : Berny Ignateous, Bijibal (bg score)

These days, the publicity and promotional news for any project under production in malayalam, will be normally big
. If the lead role in the movie is done by a notable actor like Dileep, then it can be the talk of the town. But, in the case of his new project directed by hit maker Shafi ('Pulivaal Kalyaanam', 'Kalyana Raman', Thommanum Makkalum', 'Mayavi', 'Choclates', 'Chattambinaadu' fame) and scripted by Benny P.Nayarambalam ('Chaandhupottu',

'Thommanum Makkalum', 'Chota Mumbai', 'Annan Thambi', 'Chattambinaadu' fame), the things were different. It does not created an expected hype before its release. But, once heard the title of the movie, 'Marykkundoru Kunjaadu', nobody can forget it due to the simplicity. Dileep's previous project 'Kaaryasthan' was not the best, even then the fact to be noted is that the family audiences for his movies have helped the project to lift up a lot. Bhavana is acting with the hero after a short gap (previous one being 'Twenty 20'). Shamdatt ('Ritu', 'Vargam', 'Tiger', 'Pramaani' fame) is the cinematographer. The movie is produced by Vysakh Rajan.

Solomon (Dileep) is a jobless guy living in a high range village with his father (Vijayaraghavan), mother (Vinaya Prasad) and two sisters. Being a coward person, he has got the nick name Kunjaadu. He is in love with Mary (Bhavana), daughter of a rich man (Innocent), right from the childhood days. Her father and brothers (Anand, Appa Haja etc) has strongly resisted their relationship. The arrival of a strong bold guy (Biju Menon) in the village, has brought some changes to Solomon's life, which is shown in the later portions.

Last few releases has not been the best for Dileep. He has now realized, what the malayalee viewers are expecting from him. Thus 'Marykkundoru Kunjaadu' is a come back movie for the actor, who is in his 101st project. He has done the role in an attractive way, in his old style, without looking for the heroism and stardom. Biju Menon has got a bold character to do, which he did well. Vijayaraghavan's father character is good. Benny P.Nayarambalam's good script has been neatly handled by Shafi. The hang over of 'Meesa Madhavan' and 'Chaandhupottu' are there in few portions. The humor elements used in the movie are good. Shamdatt's cinematography covers the colorful visuals of the hilly areas of Thodupuzha at its best. Manoj is the editor. Action sequences by Mafia Sasi are good. Songs by Berny Ignateous goes with the mood. The visuals for them are done without much complaints. Bg score by Biji Bal is good, but felt loud at some areas. The dts mixing done by Ajith George, felt noisy at certain portions (don't know whether it is the problem with the theater).

'Marykkundoru Kunjaadu' is an ideal family entertainer for this X'mas and New Year season.

Rating : 8 / 10

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