Monday, December 27, 2010


Medium : Malayalam
Starring : Fahad Fazil, Manu, Aryan, Praveen, Prajin, John, Roopa Manjari, Salim Kumar
Director : Lal
Music : Deepak Dev, Alex Paul (bg score)

This time, director Lal has come up with something different. After giving two sequel versions for the old hit 'In Harihar Nagar', like 'To Harihar Nagar' and 'In Ghost house Inn', the hit maker had given his new youthful movie, 'Tournament' with many fresh / in experienced faces. Heroine Roopa Manjari has done her debut in tamil movie 'Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru'. Fahad Fazil, who came to the field through

'Kaiyethum Doorathu', had done notable roles in 'Mrithyunjayam of 'Kerala Cafe', 'Pramaani' and 'Cock Tail' in his come back. Prajin got a chance to do a role in the movie 'The Thriller'. Praveen has done a small role in 'Kadha Thudarunnu'. John, from the mini screen, has done 'Chekavar' and also a song sequence in 'Sakudumbam Shyamala'. Manu has shown his face in a musical video album before. Aryan, working as RJ in the fm radio, is a new comer in the big screen.

Venu, who worked with Lal for the previous two ventures, is the cinematographer. This time, director's brother Alex Paul was given the job to do the bg score only, thus Deepak Dev comes as the in charge of the songs. Editor is V.Saajan. This road movie starts in Kochi and the majority of the incidents are happening in and around Gundalpet, on the way to Mysore. P.N.Venugopal had produced the movie and it is distributed by Lal Creations.

The story starts as three friends (Fahad Fazil, Praveen, John) planning to participate in the cricket selection tournament at Banglore. One among them is injured and is unable to join them. Others leaves for the destination, with their friend, a wild life photographer (Roopa Manjari). At the airport, they meet another guy (Manu), who is also participating in the tournament. They missed the flight and thus the group had decided to travel by road, which later leads to a series of incidents and how they reached their destination is shown towards the end.

The title of the movie, 'Tournament' has got a tag line, "Play...Replay". In the first few minutes itself, the director had added a sequence that registers the tag line. As the journey goes on, some unexpected incidents are happening. Most of the characters are badly affected due to this. The replay version has been implemented in all such occasions. The number of twists happening there should have been minimized. Inclusion of more natural elements might have given the viewers, not to imagine themselves anything in advance, they would have also traveled with the flow. Here almost all the characters are behaving in an identical way, which is far from reality. Even then, the director is successful in keeping a couple of good suspense elements towards the end. The climax portion, which is the key point of any movie, should have been created in a more effective way. The arrangement of furniture in the truck looks like cinematic. The tribal episode featuring Indrans is an unwanted one.

Manu, who comes in a character with the Trissur slang, has got a duet song also to do; he is the best from the lot. Fahad Fazil, a relatively experienced face among the youths has done the role with ease. New comer Aryan's role is notable and he has handled it comfortably. As a new face in malayalam, Roopa Manjari is good. Praveen's character is funny, the bulky guy had tried to create comedy which is not effective in many areas. The reason for getting his stomach upset is told as a 'snake' curry, but in the previous scene it is shown that he has not eaten it. Prajin caught attention by giving a different appearance using beard. John didn't have much to do, rather than a song and a couple of jumping sequences. Salim Kumar creates some laughter. The process of adding the dialogues for characters with out lip movement in the dubbing room, has been applied in the case of Bijukuttan's introduction. The songs by Deepak Dev are in the modern style, the visuals are done in an attractive way. Among the three songs, two are coming in small intervals. Bg score by Alex Paul is ok. Venu's camera work is colorful.

'Tournament' is an youthful one from director Lal. Though it cannot be rated excellent, without big expectation, the attempt with many new faces can be watched for the different treatment.

Rating : 6 / 10

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